Carbon Fiber Trucks Could Be the Future of Pickups

Carbon Fiber
Nothing has been officially announced by GM, but rumors have been circulating that their trucks have something better than Ford’s trucks: carbon fiber.

Not long ago, the Ford F-150 made a bold move. The full-size pickup replaced its steel bed with one made of aluminum. The idea was to cut back on weight, therefore improving capability and efficiency. However, aluminum is a weaker material than steel. Since that major change at Ford, General Motors has been working hard behind closed doors on an even more modern update to their own pickup models like the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra.

Nothing has been officially announced by GM just yet, but rumors have been circulating that these pickups have something better than their competitor: carbon fiber. If, in fact, GM does plan to upgrade its lineups to include carbon fiber trucks, the result could be pickups that weight much less than the aluminum Ford F-150 and their strength would increase. That would likely put these GM trucks ahead of the segment in efficiency, stopping time, and power.

The team at Fairground Auto Plaza is looking forward to hearing about this potential development from the source itself. We’ll be keeping our ears open during the North American International Auto Show, which takes place in Detroit this coming January and may be just the place for GM to share more about their potential carbon fiber trucks.

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